Past Projects

I've also done work in other areas as well as some small collaborations. One project was imaging mice with orally dosed Gd microspheres. Other research projects have included imaging of folate targeted dendrimer agents in nude mice with cell-induced tumors. Some tumors express folate receptors that this agent could bind to, increasing the contrast of the tumor and showing potential as a targeted therapeutic agent. I've also worked on a modeling program for looking at the Solomon-Bloembergen-Morgan (SBM) equations (never quite had time to finish it). These equations govern the relaxation behavior of the proton spins in the presence of a paramagnetic ion (e.g. gadolinium). The relaxation behavior is important, because this behavior governs the change in signal intensity due to the presence of a paramagnetic species. This was related to another experimental project I worked on, trying to determine the binding time of a paramagnetic ion to the oxygen in water using 17O NMR. I've done a lot of MR imaging: mice with brain tumors, rabbits, perfusion studies looking for angiogenesis in the brain due to exercise, and all sorts of rat models of cancer. Finally, I've also done some work with a field cycling relaxometer, a machine that measure the longitudinal relaxation rates at different field strengths.